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There was never an exact turning point that Kylie knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry, instead, it was more of a constant in her life. Kylie always seemed to be drawn to the industry and it just stuck. She was so set on her goals, that she was already enrolled into beauty school by her senior year of high school. Kylie graduated from Black Hills Beauty College in May of 2009.

After her schooling, Kylie would initially build her career and talents in Arizona for the next four years. She started at Vanity Blowout Bar specializing in blowouts and signature styles - acquiring her reputation as the “blowout queen". While managing the blowout bar, she began offering full service cuts, colors, and extensions. A motivated artist, Kylie pursued certifications in three different hair extension companies - getting her where she is today as a master designer and extension specialist at AJ’s Wicked Salon and Spa. Kylie says she was drawn to AJ’s Wicked due to it’s amazing style and local support. She loves being part of a family and always having a platform to express her creativity, dreams, and goals. As she’s become integrated into the Paul Mitchell family, she admires Paul Mitchell Systems as more than just a business. Kylie respects that Paul Mitchell hairdressers support other hair dressers and they go beyond the beauty industry, with their support in many organizations and charities that effect so many people. Alongside representing Paul Mitchell and AJ’s Wicked Salon & Spa, Kylie is a professional ambassador for Bellami Hair Extensions. Kylie started exclusively with Bellami because she believes in the quality of their hair and knows their education for their stylists is always at the top of ever changing trends, allowing her to give the best back to her guests.

Kylie is inspired by others in the beauty industry such as; @realericvaughn, @dallasmicrobeadextensions, @katpee_12, and @hair.by.chanel. Kylie believes her success in her career is due to not settling for teachings of one educator, type of class, or inspiration, but taking bits and pieces from many different educators and inspirations in her personal life. Kylie is also inspired by the fashions of New Age Wave and classic 90’s, such as Clueless. She finds inspiration in pottery, literature from Rupi Kaur, the scenic views of the Black Hills, desserts landscapes, and her Lakota culture. Kylie believes that family will always be there no matter where this life takes you and that love will always defeat hate.

  • Kylie’s Signature: soft blowout or a touchable wave

  • Secret Weapon(s): Marula Oil 3-in-1 Styling Cream, Marula Oil Dry Mist, AND Invisiblewear Texture Spray because whether you’re going for a soft look or a pulled back ponytail, these three will always help produce beautiful, touchable results.

  • Favorite Hair Trends: Sleek ponytails or very straight, sleek hair (thank you Kardashians)

  • Current Inspirations: @gigihadid, @bellahadid, @kendalljenner, @kyliejenner, @winnieharlow

  • Always at Kylie’s Station: Marula Oil 3-in-1 Styling Cream, Marula Oil Dry Mist, and Neuro Prime

  • At Home: On non-wash days Kylie uses PM Dry Wash to keep her style fresh and free of oily build-up

  • Favorite Hair Service to Perform: Hair extensions and blowouts

  • Advice for Healthy Hair Maintenance: Frequent your salon for a good wash and style - a blowout can last for days for the busy individual!

Kylie’s Favorite Eminence Products/Skincare Routine:

  1. Acne Advanced Cleansing Foam - double cleanse

  2. Marine Flower Peptide Serum - after cleansing, apply before your oil and moisturizer to boost collagen

  3. Facial Recovery Oil - healthy oils are good for the skin

  4. Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer - the last step in protecting the skin from premature aging and cold, dry climates

Inika Organic Favorites:

  1. Day & night Eyeshadow Palette

  2. Mattifying Powder

theBalm Favorites:

  1. Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette

  2. Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner

Kylie’s Makeup Application Tip: apply a setting powder under the eyes and on the forehead for 5-10mins so the foundation does not settle in creases.

It’s a Kylie take over! All this week, @ajswicked.

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