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Massage Therapist | Reiki Certified

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It was after receiving her first massage in her early twenties, that Elizabeth knew she had to share the feeling she first experienced on a massage table. Elizabeth was so inspired by this initial massage, that she enrolled into the massage therapy program at Headlines Academy and graduated in 2007. Her fascination with the functionality of the human body only continued to grow, along with the energy she received from each individual and soul. After discovering her passion for helping others, Elizabeth furthered her career by becoming a registered nurse. Elizabeth loves learning about neuroscience and how our thoughts are connected to our bodies and how our thoughts create our realities.

Joining the Wicked Team back in 2012, Elizabeth feels lucky to be back after a hiatus to further her career and personal journey. She loves being part of a team that helps the community by being alchemists of change and beauty - inside and out! Elizabeth uses essential oils to enhance the massage experience and begins each session by asking about the guest’s goals for the massage in order to tailor her expertise to the individual. As a certified Reiki Practitioner, along with a variety of spiritual studies, and combined with her nursing degree, Elizabeth posses the ability to provide a body work experience or guide you through a self-healing experience. With over 15 years of combined health care and massage therapy, Elizabeth is a true advocate for the power of massage. She believes the power of someone’s helping hands is immeasurable — sometimes we don’t take the time to tune into the aches of our body, but when we allow someone else to release such tensions, we can acknowledge that massages are a true therapy and therefor a necessity to self-care and love. And above all, Elizabeth believes in the power of love.

  • Elizabeth’s Signature: a triple threat craft to help the body, mind, and soul

  • Secret Weapon: Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub to relax overworked muscles

  • Add On Services: Hot Stones, Reiki, Tarot Readings, Guided Meditation

  • Massage Oil: Eminence’s Apricot Body Oil

  • Favorite Essential Oil: Frankincense to invoke deep thought

  • Current Inspirators: @aquariusnation , @thequietestrevolution , @jessebrownnelson

  • For Stress: take 5 minutes to do deep breathing therapy

  • For Tense Muscles: stretch with movement of your breath, take an Epsom salt bath

  • Advice: drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep, schedule monthly massages

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