Paul Mitchell

“Corporations can and should change the world for the better. We have the perspective needed to leave the world a better place for our having been here.”
-John Paul DeJoria

John Paul Mitchell Systems® is an American corporation that produces out high-quality, world-renowned Paul Mitchell hair products and was the brainwave behind the Paul Mitchell School. Not only concerned with helping Americans to enhance their own physical beauty, they make it their mission to help their country and their world heal, grow and prosper; to “change the world for the better.” As leaders of the giving spirit shared by the hair care professionals they serve, John Paul Mitchell has made multi-million dollar donations to social welfare, education, the arts, environmental protection, and medical care and research. Influential in the stand against animal testing, in 1980 they became the first professional beauty company to announce that they don’t conduct or endorse animal tested products.

Paul Mitchell hair products have also lent a valuable hand in the global effort to protect consumers from tampered products. Product control is effective when corporations refuse to sell their product to collectors who compromise the integrity of the item for consumption. As a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, AJ’s Wicked Salon and Spa assists John Paul Mitchell Systems in cutting this supply to unauthorized outlets.

“Success Unshared is Failure”
-John Paul Dejoria

Over 1,000 leading salon professionals that attend some form of the Paul Mitchell School serve as Paul Mitchell Artistic Directors, National and International Show Artists, Trainers and Educators around the globe. Participation in the program provides opportunities for advanced training, product previews and the chance to share your Paul Mitchell knowledge, experience and skills with other professionals.

AJ’s Wicked Salon and Spa was founded on the teachings of the Paul Mitchell School, and we contribute to the 1,000+ league of educators that spread the Paul Mitchell message. Our stylists are part of the New Educator Program, and we regular attend Paul Mitchell Inspiration workshops that promote alluring cut, color and styling techniques designed to take salon artistry to the next level. We believe in the power of Paul Mitchell Hair Products and bases our cosmetology on the teachings of the Paul Mitchell School, both of which pair together to make us a Focus Salon.

We’re proud to bear the name.

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